Saturday, September 16, 2006

Featured Item: Crocheted Scarf

This listing has been taken down

Today has been a "great" day. Awakening at 6:30AM, I realized that it was freezing. Then, around 8:55AM, the power decided that it did not want to grace us with its presence anymore, and thus we decided to leave for our Breakfast date early (we were meeting up with a friend from work). Thankfully, the Golden Corral was open and we were able to have a nice, hot, meal, but that does not change the simple fact... it was 28 degrees F by time we left there.

Hence, I am featuring this scarf by Ashabee's Creations, one of my friends from the Etsy Chat. As it is, I love a lot about her shop- she has cute little scarves and armwarmers and whatnot, and she takes great photos. This scarf makes me feel all warm, just like I want to on a nasty, rainy, freezing day like this.

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