Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Back for the Holidays

Phew! I know I've been really bad about updating, but now that I'm going back to CORNELL this spring I'll probably have tons more time to procrastinate and post on here. But.. Christmas is coming up. Before I show off some of the awesome things I've found, let me direct you over to the Etsy Gift Guides. Tons of great stuff to troll through. But we know what you really wanna see.. my favorites for the season! (and if you're looking to find some of your own favorites, seriously- hang out in the chat rooms- there's always good stuff being thrown around in there)

Viking Circle Pendant from Shy Violet

Okay, okay.. I know I shouldn't be putting so much knitting stuff on here but honestly, it's pretty, isn't it? And a steal at $30! You better snatch it before I do ;-)

Pearly Tree Necklace from Beads in the Belfry

Ok, this one has been sold. But she can make you a custom one. The only reason I haven't taken advantage myself is that the possibilities are absolutely endless. Would I want it just like this one, or do I want it in green and gold and bronze shades, or maybe deep red shades, or even rainbow?! Or do I want delicate silvery crystals.. who knows!

Eyeball Pincushions from Schmaltzy Crafts

She only has some custom eyeballs listed at the time of posting, but verybigjen makes these adorably loveable pincushions that are also, well, just a tad creepy. I love them. If eyeballs aren't your thing, check out the rest of her shop.

Now if you've been paying attention at Etsy, you may know that my all time favorite shop, Gudonya, has retired! Noooooo!!!

But never fear- GudonyaToo is in training with Deb herself and everything's still there. I love the new look- everything's very vibrantly colored, and though I can't vouch yet for the quality of their product I'm positive that Deb will make sure they're just as good as she was. Check it out!

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