Sunday, October 22, 2006

A few more Sunday Features

I swear I'm going to have a real feature post with real action shots sometime, but for now, a few more cool things from Etsy.

This pocket mirror with art from IvaArt is really sweet. I'm covetting it, but of course I haven't taken the final step and clicked the "buy" button yet. I've got an ATC from her and she also sent me a pocket mirror with some of her other art on it- Gorgeous. I adore it all.

OhSoRetro is definitely something of a legend on Etsy (and other places), and for good reason- Adrienne makes freaking AWESOME stuff. Not only does she choose wonderful "retro" fabrics which make her products fun and crazy, but as you can see, the workmanship on this and her other products is impeccable. That's what separates her from the rest. I have a card holder from her, and you should expect more action shots and gushing in the future from me- I'm just like that.

Just a little something for halloween from our favorite chainmaille artist, Sinister. What better way to celebrate than with properly colored earrings?

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Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for putting my "Tiger" portait mirror in your features!