Saturday, October 21, 2006

A Lengthy Blog in which I feature Many things

So, first off, big apology. I can't make any promises that I'll be more regular from today forward but I am certainly going to try. In addition to this post, be sure to check out the first installment in my series, "Etsy's Best."

Kitty Crossbones Yarn

This awesome yarn is from one of my favorite yarn sellers. Rita doesn't just spin wonderful tussah silk and other natural yarns- she also plays the harp and sings- I bet if you ask really nicely she'll let you purchase a signed copy of her cd full of lovely harp music and singing. Look for a full-length feature of the yarns I've purchased- once I use them to make something incredible. I'm a big fan of her mLee line of yarns- inspired by the great paintings of Marissa Swinghammer.

Turmoil Woodblock Print

Speaking of mLee, isn't this print to die for? Marissa has been a featured seller on Etsy and is one of my favorite people on Etsy ever. It occurs to me that I say that a lot but I have a lot of favorite people, and Marissa is one I love- I have purchased 3 of her prints so you should be expecting another full length feature later on as well- once I have them hung on the wall.

Silk Thread earrings

I don't know Three, Five, Eighty-Five but I love these earrings- they're really fun and the colors are cool. Definitely on my christmas list, eh?


I know I rave about John Wik way too much but how can you not? He's got some great new stuff including this awesome coloring book, but he's also got a couple other new things like these chainmaille pendants and this great guitar pick necklace.

So, the promise I will make is to post at least once a week, but I hope to get used to my full-time job and be able to find time to do Etsy Features once again. Right now? I'm off to update the blog exchange links- I've gotten a ton. Ta ta everyone!

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laughingrat said...

Those earrings especially are knockouts!