Sunday, June 03, 2007

Long time No See

Knitting Messenger Bag

Long time no see, people! I've found something perfect for knitters. I'll be honest with you- I dislike all the 'designer' knitting bags that have come out. They aren't really all that much different from regular bags (with a couple exceptions) and they tend to be very overpriced, in my humble opinion. But I'm not a fan of designer labels. I don't think the name matters.

That's why this bag. It's got everything a knitter needs all built in, and it isn't overpriced (not everyone will want to drop $45 for a bag but, hey, some people are willing to drop $1000, so I think getting a handmade, quality product outweighs the price). On top of this it's a very practical messenger bag design, with a roomy inside. What more could a knitter want?

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Lori said...

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