Saturday, November 28, 2009

Guilty as Charged + A Featured Seller!

I haven't really posted any "review" type posts of things I have bought from Etsy lately, for one simple reason: I haven't bought anything from Etsy lately. The last thing I purchased was in the spring, I believe, and was a sMOOchy Skin Bar from GudonyaToo. Yes, I'm addicted, etc etc. But for various reasons I've curbed my consumption quite a bit. HOWEVER, it's HOLIDAY SEASON, and that means it is time for me to loosen the purse-strings a little bit and get in the spirit. For now, though, I'm going to show you a few things I got from sleepingelf, or as she is known in the Asian Ball Jointed Doll community, Tinybear.

Here are some photos from her shop (Mine aren't all safe for work, so I'll be linking to them at the end of the post.):

Bracken Fullset (sold)

BonBon Fullset (Sold)

Mohair Blythe Wig

Wow, right? She's an artist from the UK who makes absolutely GORGEOUS wigs from pelts (They are definitely the "big hair" look but so realistic past that), and has designed a line of gorgeous tiny dolls (Most are under 10" tall) that are produced in resin by a wonderful company. They come in several skin tones and yes, they're pricey, but if you are an ABJD collector you're used to that. And they're little pieces of heaven. Here are some of the ones I have..

Auxin's new Dress
Mina, wearing "Bratz" clothing. This was my first.

The Tinies
The only picture I have of all three of them clothed; The short ones are from sleepingelf.

Coco and Bon Bon, the "Fat Fairies" Warning: This picture has realistically blushed naked dollies. Don't click if this will cause a problem for you.

Anyway, I know these aren't everyone's thing, but I can say for certain: sleepingelf is a great store to purchase from (either on Etsy or off) and Carrie has absolutely amazing customer service and is probably one of the sweetest (and most talented) women on this planet. So if you have *any* desire to get one of her little beauties or one of her gorgeous wigs (which I've found to be hands-down the *best* fur wigs you can find due to her amazingly high-quality materials), or even one of the different miniatures she crafts from time to time (she got her start with teddy bears), then definitely do. Run, don't walk. Amazing.

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