Saturday, November 28, 2009

Holiday Feature

Just a quick post to let you know what's in store between now and the big day, I mean CHRISTMAS.

I'm hoping to try to get in a post at least every other day with a mini gift guide- What to give a knitter, what to give a friend, boyfriend, mother in law.. etc. Remember, Etsy has even more ways to search around for this kind of stuff, but I'm hoping I can highlight just a few really cool things I find on my way. I'm going to *attempt* to not just pick things that appeal to my aesthetic, but you know how that goes.

That said, if anyone reading has shops they particularly like or items they'd like me to consider featuring, feel free to let me know! Remember, I like to post up eyecandy so make sure any things you suggest have nicely put together photos and are clear enough for me to see.

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