Monday, November 09, 2009

What's this? A POST

That's right, I'm back. Ish. I'm not making promises, but I am going to leave you with a nice photo feature post because I think we could all use a little eye candy. The economy's going down the tubes but DIY is alive and well and Etsy is just getting bigger. No theme, let's just see some things I've been oggling.

Fingerprint Ring
from chrisparry

Okay seriously, what more can I say about this baby? It's gorgeous, it's romantic (Could you imagine having that as a wedding band?) and it's a great idea. Yum!

Steampunk Necklace
from asecondtime

Steampunk seems to be gaining some momentum lately in the alternative circles, and this necklace is just gorgeous. I think it's probably not strictly steampunk, but it's got sparkle and it incorporates steampunk elements so I'm counting it as a win. Gorge!

SNES Cartridge External Hard Drive
from 8BitMemory

What? That's enough to give anyone a geek-gasm. I love this trend of putting data storage in a cool shell- I have a Sims 3 USB drive that I adore and I think stuff like this is fab.

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