Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Featured Item: Cat headboard for Twin Bed

Sometimes I am torn between wishing I was a kid again and being unable to wait to have my own children, just so I can buy them great stuff like this. I hope I am rich when I do finally have kids, because I want them to have the cool stuff I was never able to have- like this headboard from Kidz Bedz. Isn't it awesome? I've personally always wanted a really sweet bed- my favorites being canopy beds, or something luxe like this artisan carriage bed from posh tots. Since I'll probably never be able to afford that, though, I'm happy with this great cat headboard. Kidz Bedz has some other fun headboards too, for boys or girls, including a butterfly and an airplane- can't beat that. Amazing what you can find on Etsy, isn't it?


storage beds said...

Thanks for the great bed! You always find the most interesting elements!

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Foam-By-Mail said...

Really cute! You know, you could always skip the having kids part and make a pet bed with a headboard too. Why not!