Friday, August 18, 2006

Featured Item: Grid Glasses (+ Gushing)

OK, I know, I know. these glasses are cheesy, and can safely say I wouldn't buy them because I could make them. But how FUN are they? HOW FUN ARE THEY? I mean, i would seriously pay the seller $5 just for coming up with the idea.. assuming he did. But that's not the point. What is more cool than a pair of glasses made from neon-colored plastic canvas? In any color you want? In different shapes? TRES CHIC! Ok, maybe not chic- maybe more of a faux pas of fashion, but they'd be great at a rave and for this rainbow-loving girl, that is what truly matters. Wanna make them cooler? Rainbow embroidery. ;)

And now, some gushing... Remember that cheesy journal I featured a little while back? Well, I finally bought it (part of my quest to make the Etsy top sellers list just by buying a ton of stuff... sort of not working now that I've started having to save up for grad school but I digress. wanna trade?

ANYWAY. I bought the journal. Yes. Yes I did.

I LOVE IT! Cover to Cover even included a cool case made from the "Reach" record that was orphaned when the case it belonged to was cut up in order to make a fantastic journal. Overall I am SO incredibly pleased with this order and the seller? I want them to come into the red room because I bet they are WAY cool.

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