Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Featured Item: Light my Menorah Bustier

This bustier has been affectionately named by my friend Emily and I the "JewBra." I love it. Sparkle Plenty does have plenty of sparkle aside from the JewBra, but I think this is my favorite. Not just for the colors but because I can call it JewBra. It's a very catchy name! NO, really! Emily is tempted to wear it for Purim but I don't know if she's brave enough.

"I work with adventurous women of all ages and sizes who are looking for sexy, glamorous, and outrageous bustiers" is what is posted at the top of the shop and if I ever have occasion to need a crazy hot bustier (maybe an upsized version of the JewBra) i'm definitely contacting Sparkle Plenty.

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