Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bath Bomb Mania

I'm finally living in a house with a bathtub, and though I generally prefer to take showers I am relishing the fact that I can take a bubble bath if I want, or use *gasp* Bath Bombs. Bath Bombs: So named because when you drop them in the tub they EXPLODE into a froth of scent and fizz. As such I've been trolling Etsy for things to add to my shopping/Christmas list. Here are a few of my favorites.

Peppermint Frost Bath Bomb
by hogwash

If you know anything about me, it's that I adore peppermint. These are pretty simple- peppermint bath bombs, promising lots of minty scent. I can't vouch for whether they live up to it or not- but they sure look yummy.

Bath Cupcake
by CandiedBeauty

These pretty bath cupcakes aren't just nice to look at- they're also vegetarian and cruelty free, which is a big plus for any animal lovers out there. CandiedBeauty also has some great gift sets, like this gorgeous little number. Looks good enough to eat- but it's for your bath!

PS: If you are into cupcakes but none of the ones that CandiedBeauty has strike your fancy, just search for cupcakes- there are oodles of different types.

Set of 6 Fizzy Bath Melts
by mmmmhandmadesoap

If you're anything like me, you might find it tiresome not only to pick out a single scent to order, but also wading through all the separate listings; This set is great because you get to pick different scents, and get it all in one listing (which I think is a big plus!). And the presentation can't be beat- this would be a great gift, too.

Cookies n Cream Bath Fizzy
by Layla

Doesn't this sound amazing? Of course I always run into the same problem whenever I have things that smell like food- I end up hungry! This is especially true for anything chocolate, but this might just be worth the craving.

If none of this struck your fancy, don't worry. There are literally hundreds of different things you can get on Etsy that fall into the "bath bomb" category, and many are far more reasonably priced than, say, the ever-popular LUSH. And some of them look good enough to eat!

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