Friday, July 07, 2006

Featured Item: Amigurumi Jack "Sparrow"

To celebrate the opening of Pirates, today we're featuring this adorable little amigurumi from Amigurumi Kingdom. Amy's Babies had a Jack Sparrow as well earlier this week, but congrats to her- someone bought it! Now.. can I just say.. how much freaking cuter can you get than this adorable little Jack "Sparrow?" I think that's my favorite part, actually. As a maker of amigurumi myself, I am very disappointed I didn't think of the idea, but I bow down to Amigurumi Kingdom when it comes to creative and cute ideas for amigurumi. They've got the embellishment thing down, and all their products are adorable. They don't just sell amigurumi though- they also sell things for those of us who want something a little smaller to satiate our hunger for cuteness- like these Ipod Sprite buttons, or this Amigurumi Lollipop. They also have a non-etsy website, found here, with galleries of all their old amigurumi.

So, for those of you who can't crochet and just like the cute- go view and buy, and for those of you who crochet and love the cute- be inspired by the cuteness. I've taken some of their components into my own amigurumi making- Namely the beady black eyes and the small muzzle. Amigurumi with embroidered eyes or googly eyes just don't do it for my anymore. So, EMBRACE THE CUTE.

PS: Sorry about the lack of Theme Thursday- Hopefully we'll make it up to you later.

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AmysBabies said...

I have adored that Jack since the day she listed it! How cute can you get!!