Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Featured Item: Rainbow Apple Tote

This great Rainbow Apple Tote by Kung Fu Cowgirl really caught my eye a few days ago and you can bet that I'd be snatching that baby up if it were at all possible. Just look at it- pretty colors, well made; definitely something I'd like to be carrying around.

This tote is currently my favorite at Kung Fu Cowgirl, but it seems she's extra talented because there's even more cool stuff in her shop. The style is fun, and maybe just a little bit childish- but who doesn't want to have accessories that express their inner child? I personally love this rainbow coin purse, and the super mario hair clips. Truly stuff that would be perfect on those days when you just want to regress back into your childhood and have some fun.

1 comment:

AmysBabies said...

so very cool! I love the bright colors : D