Sunday, July 02, 2006

Featured Item: Relax... I'm a NINJA

Today we're featuring this ultra awesome Ninja Shirt from KiWi Cuties. This shirt was one of the first things I got from Etsy, before I even met KiWi in the Red Room. I got the shirt as a gift for my fiance, whom I love dearly. He really likes ninjas, monkeys, ninja monkeys, etc, though he apparently isn't as happy about pirates. Anyway, my point is, he really likes his ninja shirt.

KiWi Cuties has a great line of ninja stuff, from the Relax... Onesie to the Crouching Fabric, Hidden Ninja underwear. They also have some great stickers, buttons, and other ephemera. They are great to work with, and I love their customer service- when I bought the You Compute Me card for my fiance, they sent me an email letting me know it had shipped- saying "Your robots have been deployed." How fun!


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Ninjas rule! They rule!