Sunday, July 16, 2006

Featured Item: Summery Crocheted Earrings

When I saw all of Crochet Girl's crocheted earrings, I was in love. These especially caught my eye, being hot pink and all. The reason I love these? Well, aside from them being really awesome looking, I am always excited to see when someone does a creative and non-tacky project with crochet. It is very easy for crocheted items to fall into the sort of thing you'd find at a store called "Kountry Kraft Kitchen," and while I think these "Krafts" have a place in the world and sometimes even in my house, I love when crochet finds a "hip" place to rest for a while.

Crochet earrings not your thing? Check out all of Crochet Girl's stuff. She's got crocheted flower embellishments, Crocheted beads, chokers, and over 100 other items- bound to be something that strikes your fancy. Aside from these earrings, my personal favorite is the rainbow bead earrings, which may very soon end up actually dangling from my lobes. If one of you doesn't snatch them first.

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