Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Featured Item: Handmade Denim Journal

So, I was puttering around, chatting with people in the red room, and trying to figure out what to feature. I've mentioned I have a ton of stuff "in the works" but nothing I can reveal just yet (I'm working on it, duh) and what do I find? This Awesomeness. I found it over at Lil Fish Studios, which looks to be a pretty new store I never noticed before. But, mainly, I'm a sucker for denim. And I'm especially a sucker for "jeans" made into other things. Combine that with my love for hardcover blank books (it's my inner desire to be a writer coming through), and you've got a winner. Something definitely worthy of being featured on a happy happy Tuesday.

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AmysBabies said...

Adorable!! love the cuff : D