Saturday, July 01, 2006

Whats that? It's a Little Black Box!

First, a blog related announcement- you can expect that the Cool Stuff blog is going to be updating later in the day due to the holiday. I'll try to update early but you know how it is, what with holidays and stuff. Hee.

Now, onto the site spotlight. This week we're looking at The Little Black Boxes, a site that is very similar to The Sampler where customers can subscribe to the "Black Boxes" and recieve a box of awesome goodies for their cash. I really love these sampler type boxes- they are a ton of fun because you get to be surprised by the goodies, and they are also a great resource for indie designers- all you invest is a few samples, which you can make as big or as small as your store dictates, and you get tons of publicity, and hopefully some new customers.

So, if you like getting grab bags (like I do) or you want to donate some samples- head over to the Little Black Box!

Also- Look for Pocket and I in the August Sampler, and I will also be in the October little black box.

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