Friday, June 30, 2006

Featured Item: Sushi Soap

Today I'm featuring this adorable SUSHI SOAP from Kisu Kisu (which is apparently a loose translation of "Kiss Kiss"). If you haven't already noticed, I adore bath and body products- its kind of a way to treat myself. I also happen to really like sushi- well, actually, i only like crab rolls. I'm the boring sushi lover- I don't like anything remotely crunchy in my sushi, and I don't like truly raw fish, but c'est la vie. I like this soap.

This soap is sold in many different sets, and is packaged just like sushi- which makes it a great gift. You also get to pick your scent and what type of base you want for the soap- talk about custom service! These soaps? I'm looking at them for a gift for my good friend CC, my closest friend from college. Hell, I might grab a set for my other good friend from college- Milan. Either way, my Japanese-taking friends can look forward to these and other cute Japanese-type etsy gifts.


AmysBabies said...

I have been eyeing these soaps too. They are so cool!

kisukisu said...

Thanks so much for the feature!!!! That is awesome, and I'm so grateful for all the wonderful responses I've gotten so far. Enjoy!

Mireya del Socorro said...

do you sell them?