Friday, June 16, 2006

Featured Item: Boulder Opal Apatite Necklace

by CrysallisCreations

Today, instead of bringing you something I've bought- because I have big plans for all that- I'm going to bring you the current object of my etsy favorites affections. This Necklace by CrysallisCreations has been on my list of things I really want but just can't afford ever since its maker first set foot in the Etsy Red Room Chat. (want a tip? Come to the chat rooms- a lot of people go there to 'shop')

So, what do I like about the necklace? Well, it's the pendant- the boulder opal. Debbie, the owner of Crysallis Creations, hand picked the opal at a rock show, and she explains in her listing how it just happened to match with some lampwork beads she had. Put it all together and you get the gorgeous necklace before you. Why do I want it? because I can just see myself wearing it with my hair down, long and curly, a pretty low-cut white peasant blouse, and a pair of jeans. Any woman would look hot like that. It's very boho, I think, and I like that.

Take some time to check out the rest of Debbie's Store. She has some gorgeous pieces, and she's a pleasure to work with, and a simply darling friend. she has both expensive and inexpensive items, but all of them are incredibly high quality, so you really are getting what you pay for.


Starry Designs said...

Woohoo Deb's necklace is featured! Congrats!

AmysBabies said...

so beautiful!

bluemagpie said...

Ha ha - I'm one of those who goes there to 'shop'. Must learn to use tags!

K xxx