Monday, June 19, 2006

Featured Seller: creo ingero

Ingero is a jack of all trades. She's an unbelievable artist, a maker of unique jewelry, and designs beautiful bags. However, she has one item above all that I personally love and adore: her amazing lip balm.

I am trying not to eat the yumminess...

Ingero's lip balms ("99% all-natural", no petroleum byproducts or unpronounceable words here) come in both regular and vegan varieties--the vegan being made with candellila wax rather than beeswax. I've tried both, and I think I prefer the vegan variety. It costs a bit more, but the texture is smoother and I think the flavor comes through a bit better.

But what are the flavors, you ask? Oh man. My personal favorites are her crazy tea combinations, including georgia ginger green tea, which I have described as my new favorite flavor of anything--peachy and spicy and yum. For something a little less exotic, there's everything from basic peppermint to summerberry, and if you're still not satisfied, create your own set of flavors for a bit of savings!

So hop on over to ingero's shop and grab some lip balm. Because not doing so is just silly.


AmysBabies said...

I haven't tried ingero's lip balm. I have been trying Martinville emporiums and Daisy cake's and both of theirs are fantastic

clarelittle said...

Sorry to bug you, I am a new etsy blogger who cannot get the ring code to look right on my page. If you can give me a "clue" I'd greatly appreciate it ! Take a look..