Saturday, June 24, 2006

Saturday Site Spotlight: Wickedly Chic

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So, due to some of the ever-popular forum drama over at Etsy, I was introduced to a totally awesome website- Wickedly Chic. Wickedly Chic has a similar goal as we do- to review products and let consumers know what kind of awesome, cool stuff there is out there. Kim, who I have been hanging out with in the Red Room, is ultra cool, and runs the site along with Liz, whom I actually met in chat last night. Both of them are extra nice gals, and they do a great job getting indie crafters to the forefront.

Wickedly Chic runs contests and publishes great articles on indie designers, with the current article being Your Summer 2006 Survival Kit, which reviews some great summer finds, including some Whipped Clean from my favorite bath and body Etsyian- Gudonya. Wickedly Chic is also offering free advertising on their "Rolodex" until September, and has very reasonable advertising rates- the site is quickly growing and it's a great resource for indie designers and those of us who love to buy from them.

In other news:
Not really self promotion persay, but some of us bloggers have signed up for The Sampler (namely me and Pocket) for August, and I'll be doing some bracelets in the October "Think Pink" (breast cancer awareness) Little Black Box. Both sampler sites are great ways to have fun and get cool samples from indie designers, so definitely check them out!

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