Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Featured Seller: Gudonya Soap and Spa

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Anyone who knows me at all knew that this feature was coming. Gudonya is officially my FAVORITE bath and body supplier on etsy (though I have a few other people I do shop from). The wisconsin homegrown company has been making bath and body products that feel "Good on Ya" for six years now, and from my very first purchase I was hooked.

The first thing I bought was the above pictured "floap" (soap that floats) in the peppermint flavor. Let me explain something about myself- I love peppermint. I love the smell, but most of all, I love the tingle. I love burts bees for that reason- I want it to tingle when I put it on. And to be truthful, I've had trouble finding soap that really tingles. But I read the following on the lising for peppermint floap:
We stumbled upon (that’s right, we may not be exceptionally skilled but we’re LUCKY!) the creator of the very BEST mint essential oils. And she was right here in Wisconsin all along. If you love peppermint soap as much as we do, this one will curl….your….toes. From the first sniff all the way to the last skin-waking tingle!
Who can resist that? Well, not me. So I tried it. One word: TINGLY. I loved it so much that I decided to splurge a bit and order some MORE gudonya stuff... And now it's all over my bathroom.

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Truly, Gudonya has everything you could possibly want. I have bought 2 other scents of floap, and it truly is great soap. I take showers, so the fact that it floats is lost on me, but it's light so it fits well in your hand, and it lathers up much better than any other handmade soap I have ever tried. But floap isn't the only thing Gudonya carries. I've got their So Delicious solid perfume and Opulence hand & nail scrub pictured above, and they also carry my new personal favorite in lip balms, the Lip Smoothie. Now, I have bought several of their lip smoothies and one thing I will say to anyone who is the least bit picky about the scent of their lip balm that it would be very smart to buy the unscented lip balm, but I find that the vanilla mint is wonderful- it's got the peppermint tingle with just a touch of vanilla to tone it down. It's wonderful.

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I have also discovered a true love for Shea Butter through Etsy, and Gudonya carries some amazing Whipped Shea Butter. The stuff is absolutely amazing, and while it is greasy going on, it soaks in very quickly and is incredibly healing. Though I am blessed with wonderful skin (don't mind bragging there!) I'll admit that I do have problem areas- my hands and feet. This stuff made them sooo much better! Among their other products are Whipped Clean, No-Slick Bath Bombs, Skintastic Roll on Perfume, Nail 9-1-1 Cuticle Stick, and a variety of specialty soaps for shaving as well as problem skin. Gudonya stocks just about everything you could ever need, and I defintely highly recommend their products. Besides, what could be more fun than Cow-Ma-Flage floap?????

While we're on soap? As much as I love peppermint, I also like exfoliation... I like exfoliation a lot. Heavy exfoliation on my legs and feet.. and I found the perfect solution..

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This is the Ice Ice Baby Peppermint Loofah Soap from Unique Dsigns. Try it out- I know you'll like it.


Lola said...

Just wanted to add... I've been using several Gudonya products as well (including the 911 Cuticle Stick and the Opulence Hand Scrub), but, the most amazing product is the Baby Legs Shave Soap. It's made from clay, which sounds totally weird at first, but it is fantastic. I get a much closer shave than I could get even the special leg shaving creams and gels, and my legs seem to stay smoother longer. The bars last a long time, too! A+++ from me!

AmysBabies said...

I have been using Gudonya floap, body kiss and solid perfume since Mothers Day. I had been eyeing it long before that, but when we needed two gifts, I took the opportunity to throw some more things in for myself.

I used to have EXTREMELY dry skin! After usnig the Floap and Body Kiss ONCE, it was gone. The Floap comes in so many nice scents, and if you want SUPER exfoliation, the body kiss is the way to go. My husband ran off with my shave bar sample and has been using it for his face. He loves it! He gets such a close shave with it, and no razor burn on his sensitive, manly skin!

I am eagerly awaiting my second order from them with 4 new scents for me to try out : )

Sherry said...

Just bought some floap and can't wait to try it.