Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Featured Seller: Aoi's Art Miniatures

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Today I'm featuring someone I've never had the honor of purchasing from, but who has probably the most yummy looking polymer clay charms and jewelry in the world. Aoi's Art is home to the most adorable miniature food charms that I have ever seen. Just look at that fruit tart up there. Doesn't it look delectable? Nothing looked as good in real life, and I don't think anything ever will, but that little fruit tart can give you just a little bit of calorie-free perfection.

I attribute my love of miniatures to my dearly departed mother (tangent: I'm actually obsessed with things that are tiny, and things that are regular size but have oversize details. I have a friend with a hoodie that has a HUGE oversized zipper on it and I covet that thing like I covet Aoi's orange peel earrings), but I'm not the only one in love with Aoi's stuff. And who wouldn't be? Check out these Orange Slice & Chocolate Cake Earrings. Or these Fruit Cake earrings. That's not your normal fruit cake! That's fruit cake that I would eat. The fourth of july is coming up.. why not try these Blueberry and strawberry cake earrings.

Seriously. Go. Fall in love. And then buy everything. So it stops tempting me ;)

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Aoi said...

A kind Estyian just told me about this post, I am so honored (and positively shocked, hehe!)! I was just going to list the "Peel Good Orange Earrings" again and you mentioned about them :) Knowing that my creations make other people feel good or happy (and get slightly hungry) makes me happy, too! :)

Thank you Bronwyn! I am blushing here :D